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Case Study of Impacts of a Tropical Storm in an HIC

Note: this is based on my own research and 'fact's are different from site to it could be different from what you find!

What Are The Impacts Of A Tropical Storm In An HIC?
Case Study: Hurricane Andrew - Florida, USA (August 1992)

Fact File
Date: 24th August 1992
Category: 4
Ocean it formed in: Eastern Atlantic
Direction it came from: Travelled in West & Northwest direction- headed                               towards the Lesser Antilles
Name of a city affected: Florida
Wind speed: 240km/h (150 mph)
Storm surge: 5 metres

Deaths: 30
Injuries: hundreds seriously injured
Cost of damage: Total cost estimated over ₤50 billion, Insurance claims in excess of ₤12 billion
No. of homes destroyed: 25,000 homes destroyed, 100,000 badly damaged
Number of homeless: 175,000 in South Florida alone
Damage to transport infrastructure: 52 roads blocked, 9,500 traffic signals damaged
Electricity supplies: 5311 metres of power cables destroyed, 1.3 million homes and businesses left without power
Most damage caused by winds or storm surge: Winds
Environmental damage: Hundreds of hectares of forest flattened, 25,000 gallons of oil spilled into Biscayne Bay, 33% of coral reefs damaged at Biscayne National Park, Killed 7 million fish due to depleted oxygen in waterways, 8% of all Florida agriculture destroyed
Other effects: 82,000 businesses destroyed/closed down, 120,300 job losses

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