Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Urban regeneration and re-imaging

Urban regeneration + urban re-imaging= rebranding-->to help sell an urban area to a new target market

Urban regeneration and Urban re-imaging are different. 
Urban regenerationthe investment of capital in the revival of old, urban areas by either improving what is there or clearing it away and rebuilding.

Urban re-imaging: changing the image of an urban area and the way people view it. 

Urban regeneration:  Over time, old parts of town would suffer decline. The factories would move elsewhere, resulting in jobs lost. Quality of life and housing is poor, so the place needs to be regenerated, as in 'brought back to life'. Regeneration includes:
  • transforming the economy of the area by encouraging new businesses to replace those that have closed/moved elsewhere. Employers--people who might provide employment in the area by using/buying shops or offices need to be brought in to the scheme as they can provide new work which hopefully improves the economy. 
  • upgrade the quality of the built environment by a) finding new uses for old and often empty buildings, b) clearing them away to make way for new ones. (The London Docklands is a good case study which I have talked about in another post. The old warehouses in the run-down dockland area were converted into luxury apartments and flats which also transformed its image.)
Urban re-imaging: To change the reputation of a city or an area by: 
  • focusing on a new identity/function--Docklands had more services such as pubs and cinemas so it became the new 'cool' place to be. 
  • changing the quality and appearance of the built-up area--Docklands was completely redeveloped and regenerated, new industries would locate there so there were more jobs and it was a good brownfield site development, re-using space and saving land in the process (reclaiming land and putting it to another use) 


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